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Welschriesling October

Welschriesling is one of the most important grape varieties of Hungary, since it is grown on the biggest territory and can be found in almost every wine region. Its speciality is obvious in its quality and thanks to its delicate aromas it can perfectly present the characteristics of the terroir, with a special regard to the volcanic soil on the northern coast of Lake Balaton and the slopes of Egerszólát. Welschriesling October aims at drawing attention to this special grape variety, putting on display its qualities and versatility. Welschriesling can be not only an everyday wine, but a great accompaniment of unique events as well if it is selected from one slope and dealt with care.


Type of event premium thematic wine tasting
Date 12. October 2019., 14:00-22:00
Venue Corinthia Hotel Budapest
(1073 Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 43-49.)
Planned number of exhibitors more than 70 wineries and 15 other exhibitors
Planned number of visitors 600-800 persons
Wines for tasting Welschrieslings, Welschriesling-based cuvées and Rheine Riesling
Dress code Business Casual (more information here)


Ticket prices


Early Bird Ticket 8 900 HUF

This ticket can be purchased up to the 14th day before the event (27th September 2019) and includes unlimited wine tasting.

Pre-purchased Ticket: 9 900 HUF

This ticket can be purchased during the two weeks prior to the event (11th October 2019) and includes unlimited wine tasting, just as the Early Bird Ticket.

Normal Ticket: 10 900 HUF

This price is valid in case of on-the-spot purchase during the event and includes the same services as the Pre-purchased Ticket.

VIP ticket: 15 900 HUF

This ticket includes unlimited wine tasting, a tasting glass as well as a bottle of special wine in accordance with the topic of the event. Buying a VIP ticket also entitles to enter a separate room in which guests can have a rest and access to unlimited water consumption, moreover they may take part in an exclusive tasting.

Professional tickets:

For press employees tickets are available with 40% discount for 4 900 HUF/person. Please indicate your intention to participate on e-mail address.

Buy tickets

Prices of paid tickets cannot be refunded. Thank you for your understanding.